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January has been one of the most fun months so far… Today, we have a review of our Dynamic Sports! Exhibition, our Encouragement Initiative, Special student acknowledgments, and Social Activity Reports all in one Newsletter! Let’s see what our kiddos have been up to this month!🤩

Our Student of the Month for January is Logan Chesson! Logan loves music and has over 8 playlists with more than 40 songs or more in each playlist. He also can sit and listen to an entire album, even if it has 28 songs. He loves to go to Barnes and Noble bookstore to read Manga books or…

Last Friday, we closed out our Dynamic Sports! project with a massive Superbowl Party! Students set up the gym, putting out exhibits of all our work over the 5-week project, setting up games, and preparing the buffet table for none other than – yes, our favorite – PIZZA!!! Families also brought Super Bowl-sized snacks to…

Miss Elena Huntley is one of our Red Room students who first wow’ed our staff and students with her love of the Japanese language. She has been teaching herself Japanese since October 2021 and is on a 203 day Duolingo streak right now! However, it wasn’t long before she demonstrated her creative abilities here at…

The focus this month in Transitions was cooking! Our young adults walked through menu-planning, locating and reading recipes, creating shopping lists, shopping, food preparation rules and techniques, and the actual art of cooking and cleaning up! They spent a lot of time in the kitchen, concocting dishes such as fried rice, sausage dogs with peppers…

Boy, Dynamic Opportunities really showed up at Night to Shine this past Friday night (February 9th)! Not only were there many current students, but also several graduates came out to dance the night away! Just thought we’d share some photos of our beautiful and handsome Dynamic friends having the time of their lives…


  • 🗓 Check our Events Calendar to stay up to date.
  • 💝 FEB 14: Valentine’s Day! If your student would like to bring Valentines to school for their friends, that’s great – but totally optional!
  • 🚫 FEB 19-20: NO SCHOOL! President’s Day and a Teacher Workday. Please mark your calendars accordingly!
  • 💰 MAR 1: Priority deadline for Opportunity and ESA+ scholarship applications. Note that applications will still be accepted after that date, until funds are exhausted.
  • 🎭 MAR 7 or 8: Theatre Production @ 6pm: Dynamic’s Twisted Skits! Date will be confirmed this week!
  • 🙏🏼 THANK YOU!!! Thank you to everyone who helped us finish the mid-year re-stocking we needed to do… We appreciate your support!

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