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Coloring Contest Winner this week!


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In the Dynamic Classroom


This week in Math we focused on getting back into our math routines.  Most classes will continue counting money at the beginning of every class.   Math, number, and counting games will still be incorporated in classes as well. 

LIFE & Social Skills

In Daily Living and Social Skills, we covered the need for new jobs. We discussed with the students what jobs they thought were important and which jobs we might be able to do without. We also discussed the process we would use to choose new jobs. The students are excited that the school store will be coming back!!


In Technology this week students in the blue room continued to master the laying of the track for Maya the Mouse, one of our coding robots, to continue to work on their fine motor skills. Other rooms will continue to learn Scratch coding next week.


This week we used our observation skills.  Students were shown different pictures of Chinese and Luna New Year. They had to answer questions about each picture. Some students only observed the big picture, but others noticed the small details. Nice Job!

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