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📢 Did you know that waiting just five more days to purchase your yearbook could cost you $5? Did you know School Photos will be taken this Wednesday? Have you thought about using our new Resource Room? Did you see where we need donations for our Terrarium Project? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you probably haven’t been staying in touch via our weekly newsletter… And there’s so much more in here that you need to know – So please take a few minutes to read all the juicy details below!

This week we are featuring one of our amazing student athletes, Dominic Williams! Dominic is a swimmer with the NC Special Olympics and competed last weekend in Greensboro, winning two gold medals and a silver! Dominic loves to swim, and is excited to be competing in the upcoming State Games that will be held at NC State University this summer. Way to go, Dominic!

Please let us know at office.dynamicop@gmail.com if you hear of a student who is accomplishing DYNAMIC things inside or outside of school! We are always looking for ways to celebrate our kids’ impact on our communities!

Is your child struggling with any of the following at school and/or home?

  • Getting easily frustrated;
  • Meltdowns;
  • Regulating strong emotions;
  • Understanding other people’s points of view;
  • Compromising;
  • Understanding and following rules;
  • Cooperating with others;
  • Thinking before acting;
  • Problem-solving age appropriate situations?

Never fear – You are not alone! WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK!

Laura Gabriele, MA – Behavior Specialist


Dynamic is launching a new developmental therapy service to provide one-on-one and group behavioral support to students demonstrating non-desired behaviors at school and/or home. Services include affordable student therapy, in-classroom behavior support, as well as consultation and coaching for parents, teachers, and other professionals with our new Masters-level Behavior Specialist and Parent Coach, Ms. Laura Gabrieli!

  • Free 30-min initial consultation
  • Parent Coaching
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Classroom Targeted Behavioral Support

Are your student’s needs more on the social side? Check this out:


Miss Laura is also a certified PEERS® facilitator.  But what does that mean?  PEERS® is world-renowned for providing evidence-based social skills treatment to adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), (ADHD), anxiety, depression, and other socio-emotional problems.

The UCLA PEERS® Clinic’s groundbreaking research has been featured on numerous national and international media outlets, including People Magazine, USA Today, the LA Times, Washington Post, CBS, and NBC.  Learn more about The UCLA PEERS® Clinic at https://www.semel.ucla.edu/peers/news 

During each focused session, participants will be taught social skills through didactic lessons and role play demonstrations, and will then be given opportunities to practice these skills during fun socialization activities. 

Note that both Behavioral Support and Social Skills Classes are eligible expenses for the ESA+ grant! So there’s no excuse… REACH OUT TODAY!

Interested in taking advantage of any of our new offerings?  Just send an email to give us a little info about your situation… we’ll then connect you with Miss Laura to get the ball rolling!  We hope to see your student around the new Dynamic Resource Room real soon! 


  • 🗓 Check our Events Calendar to stay up to date.
  • ✍️ 2023-2024 ENROLLMENT UNDERWAY! Did you secure your student’s spot at DO for next school year? If not, better hurry! We’re opening up available seats to non-Dynamic families on a first-come/first-served basis starting Monday. Call Roxanne today at 919-609-6782 if you intend to stay but missed the survey!
  • 😎 SUMMER CAMPS: Registration is now open to non-Dynamic campers. Running behind? Better zip on over to our online store to register before they are all gone!
  • 📸 SCHOOL PHOTOS: Picture Day is this Wednesday May 10th for those students who requested school photos! This year, we’re going fully digital! You’ll receive a professional digital download of two poses (close-up and far-away) for your unlimited personal use. (Note: Only those students who pre-purchased will be photographed! Satisfaction guaranteed.)
  • 📘 YEARBOOKS: Discounted pre-order sales are available through May 12th. After that, the cost goes up to $50. Get yours today!
  • 🌺 SPRING LUAU: Hold the date! Please join us Friday May 19th from 3:00-5:30 for our very first Spring Luau! Dress will be Hawaiian attire – so have your students don their leis, flowered shirts, and grass skirts and join us right after school for what’s sure to be a great time!
  • 🎡 EXHIBITION DAY: June 2nd will be our DO School Fair, starting at 12:30pm in the gym. Parents are encouraged to attend!
  • 🏆 END-OF-YEAR CELEBRATION: Mark your calendars for our Awards Ceremony and other end-of-year activities on June 7th!

In the Dynamic Classroom


This week the Imagineers and Blue Room continued working with their number lines.  The Imagineers Room played a couple of fun dice games and built addition towers with unification cubes.  The Blue Room played Trouble and Trash.  

The Steam Room and the Creative Arts Room worked on menu math.  They had to use a menu to determine prices of given orders using addition and subtraction.  They finished class with Yam Slam. 

We’ll continue working on menu math this coming week. 


For Language Arts, we worked on words that describe our Mom’s!! Seems like an important May holiday is right around the corner where these words might pertain! Happy Early Mother’s Day! 

The students also worked on how to write letters to say “thank you” and “good bye”… Lots of life skills that may come in handy over the next few months.


This week we started talking about our terrarium project. Students discussed what we needed to make our terrariums: Plants, topsoil, sand, rocks, and coconut husks. Discussion was had about what plants we should plant. Some suggestions were ferns, lambs ear, african violets, and a venus flytrap. Next Week, students will research the items needed and make a budget for our project.


*Horticultural Activated Charcoal (2 bags)
*Coconut Husks for Plants (2 bricks)
*Topsoil (2 bags)
*Sand (1 bag)

*Plants (Ferns, African violets, Begonias, Moss, plants that like wet soil and partial or full sunlight)

Please email or text Ms. Stanley with any questions and what you are donating. Thank you in advance for your help. vstanley.dynamicop@gmail.com or (984) 279-8737


In Art this week, we began a new project that revolves around our current school project, The DO School Fair. Since we are doing a fair unit, our students are creating their own posters. They are working very hard to create detailed and creative designs, and are allowed to use any medium to create their posters. Some of our other classes are making a group collaborative fair mural which is multimedia.


Last week we worked on our notes and reading songs together. We’ve been working on playing instruments and singing as a group and also showing appreciation to everyone else by listening to song requests from other students to find out what music makes them the most happy. We had a symbol the other week that I brought in and I had the students work on playing quarter note and eighth notes on it with chopsticks… they did a great job! The music seems to be helping a lot of students find joy and fulfillment through interactive music play. Next week we will continue the same subject matter with a focus on reviewing what we’ve worked on this year.


In Life Skills this past week, we worked on house-keeping to get ready for our last big project:  The students are all preparing to head to the DO School Fair! Some classrooms needed a big sweep from our last project!

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