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Good Morning, Parents & Students!

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! As we look towards finishing out 2023 and head into the New Year, we have a lot of awesome things to share. Read below to find out all the juicy details about what’s been going on at DO this past month and what we’ll be looking forward to in the New Year! 📮

Our Holidays for Heroes Project was a blast!!! It was a carefully-coordinated effort to celebrate some of the kid-selected hometown heroes of our community: Police, Firefighters, Senior Citizens, and the folks at Arts Together. Students were placed into four groups, decided on a way to honor their heroes, and began preparations for the celebration beyond…

This month we pushed out our first of several Lessons in Life initiatives: Kindness Counts! To kick off the effort, our kids made “Kindness ornaments” to decorate a holiday “Kindness Tree” we displayed near the office. You wouldn’t believe what things the kids came up with in terms of ways they could show kindness to…

Our Student of the Month for November was Adam H. We’ve selected Adam this month because we’ve recently realized how much he has grown over the time he’s been with Dynamic. Most recently (since joining the Yellow Room a couple of weeks ago) Adam has come out of his shell socially and multiple teachers report…

On January 3rd, Dynamic Opportunities will welcome Ms. Carlotta Harper (“Ms. Carly”) to the Dynamic Family. Ms. Carly is originally from Connecticut, but has called NC home for about 24 years now. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration from St. Augustine’s University and also has an Associates degree from Wake Tech. Ms. Carly…


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  • ⚾️ NEXT PROJECT: DYNAMIC SPORTS! Yep, we’re already looking toward the new year! Our next project is “Dynamic Sports”, and we know this one will be a big hit with the kids! Over the course of 5 weeks, our kids will learn about the History, People, Traditions, and Training of a variety of sports: Bowling, Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, and Track-and-Field!
  • 🚀 LAUNCH DAY: JAN 3rd. We’re definitely not wasting any time getting back into the hang of things for January. On the first day back to school, we have a spectacular launch event planned for our Dynamic Sports! unit and need all students to wear (and bring) their favorite team memorabilia to school. It could be pro, college, Special Olympics, Miracle League, Journey League, whatever – jerseys, T-Shirts, a trophy, hats – anything they wish to share with others related to sports is an acceptable item to wear/bring. AGAIN: JAN 3rd IS SPORTS TEAM DAY AT DO!!! Help us talk up our next Project with your kids!
  • 🎳 FIELD TRIP: JAN 5th! As part of our first week of Dynamic Sports, the students will be learning about Bowling. On Friday, Jan 5th, we’d like to take a field trip to a local bowling alley to get some hands-on experience with this sport. We want to make the announcement ourselves as part of Launch Day (Jan 3rd), so please keep all the planning we’re going to do to yourself for now. We’re gonna need your help to pull this one off, so look for more details and sign ups coming out through SchoolCues soon!

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