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Good Evening, Parents & Students!

As we start to think about wrapping up the year, we have a great deal to share. Read below to find out all the juicy details about what’s been going on at DO this past week and what to look forward to this coming week – Can you believe there’s only 7 more days left in the school year? WOW – That flew by fast! But you know what they say: “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

We’re so thankful for everyone that came out to the DO School Fair on Friday! The kids were more than ready to share their exhibits and did a fabulous job of interacting with our visitors! From food to animals to games and arts & crafts, we covered it all! What was your favorite part? Didn’t our kids do an amazing job? We ended up the year with a BANG, my friends! And thanks again to all who participated… HAVE A GREAT SUMMER EVERYONE!!!




and the best of all… FAIR FOOD!!!


  • 🗓 Check our Events Calendar to stay up to date.
  • 📘 YEARBOOKS: Believe it or not, you can still order a yearbook through tomorrow (May 29th) at 5:00pm. The cost is now $50. Dedicated time for yearbook signing will be given on the morning of June 7th before the Graduation & Awards Ceremony.
  • 💰 TUITION DUE JUNE 1st!!! As a reminder, self-pay school tuition and fees for June is a full month’s tuition, due on June 1st, since annual tuition is divided evenly across the 10 academic months (September-June). Tuition payments do not apply for July and August. Transitions Program fees, however, are prorated based on actual service time for June and billed accordingly.
  • 🎡 EXHIBITION DAY: June 2nd from 12:30pm – 3:00pm will be our DO School Fair in the gym. Parents are encouraged to attend! (for this event, please enter through the side doors of the church facing Rosedale Ave).
    6/5 – Monday: Crazy Clothes Day!
    6/6 – Tuesday: School Spirit Day!
    6/7 – Wednesday: Dress To Impress Day!
  • 🏆 GRADUATION & AWARDS: Mark your calendars for our Graduation & Awards Ceremony and other end-of-year activities on June 7th from 10am – 1pm in the Church Auditorium (please enter through the front door of the church facing Brooks Avenue). All students will receive a Character award, and we’ll have two graduates this year: Sam Champ and Damion Huffman. Afterward, the church’s small group ministry will provide us with a light lunch. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • 😎 SUMMER CAMPS: Even though school will end on the 7th, the fun will be just beginning! As you’re making plans, please note that this year, camps run from 9:00am – 3:00pm, just like a regular school day. Note that there will be no before or after care for summer camps.

In the Dynamic Classroom


Last week in math we completed several assessment activities.  We’ll finish up this week and play math games for the rest of the year.


In Language Arts this week, we worked on a writing assignment talking about “What was the favorite thing I learned this year?” We also had questions in other classes like “Who are my friends?”, “What was my favorite project?”, and “What was my favorite class?” Next week we will be writing ourselves a letter talking about what we learned this year and what we hope to do over the summer. When we come back in the fall, we will be reading our letters and seeing if we reached our goals!


This past week in Social Studies we focused on geography. On Monday we built a full-sized map of North America. When it was completed, we measured it out, it was 9 and 1/2 ft wide by 6 1/2 feet tall! On Thursday we focused on other state fairs and their history while exploring maps and geography games including interactive maps, geography games, and quizzes. This coming week in Social Studies we will focus on wrapping up our focus on North Carolina geography


In technology class this week we continued our passion projects and coding projects. Students continued to focus on individual assignments on education.com as well!


Another experimental week in STEM class! Students learned more about states of matter (solid, gas, liquid), and we conducted experiments about the refraction of light and color.

Students used the Scientific Method: “Question, Predict, Experiment, and Observe” for all of our experiments.

This week we used Bubbles for our experiments. Bubbles are pockets of soap and water that are filled with air. We used bubbles to show how bubbles are always round – even if you use a square wand. Did you know the colors in bubbles are caused by light that has reflected off the walls of the bubble? Students also made bubble paint. They used bubble solution and food coloring to make their own designer paper.

Next week we will focus on the end of the year, considering what favorite lessons and experiments were conducted and identifying some things that students would like to learn about next year in STEM class. 


In Daily Living Skills, we talked about body language and how people may understand the same words differently depending on our body language. If I casually ask, “ Can you get me some water?” With a kind look on my face and relaxed body language, you will likely get the water for me. If I am standing with my arms crossed and a grumpy look on my face and I say “Can you GET me some water?” It seems more like an order. 


This week, we just couldn’t decide… so we’re awarding four Coloring Contest Winners with their renditions of the DO School Fair flyer! Way to go, Annie, Jayne, Johnny, and Aaden!





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