Our Mission

Dynamic Opportunities is a small, non-profit private middle and high school for students with special needs (or “unique abilities,” as we like to say). We also offer a Transitions Program for students moving into adulthood.

We serve up to 50 students with developmental disabilities such as Autism, Down’s Syndrome, learning disabilities and intellectual disabilities.  We have 8 teachers (4 of which have special needs members in their families), and 2 Teacher Assistants offering 6 hours of instruction per day and guided community based field trips with parent volunteers.  We are working collaboratively with our families in a project-based learning environment to allow students to learn daily living, occupational, and self-help skills. We call our method “Intentional Education.” The primary goal for our students is to be functioning, independent members of the community.

As a private school, we strive to provide a comprehensive education for the students and a support system for families.

The goal of this method of instruction is to teach the students through a developmental framework the life skills that they will need to become more independent, functional adults. We are helping one another as parents and family members of uniquely-abled students to create a community of positive support and guidance. The premise behind our model is that through project-based learning, students will get academic skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and vocational skills. Specifically, we want students to gain experience and confidence in skills that will be beneficial to them for the rest of their lives.

Our History

In 2015, three teachers from a former charter school got together to start a homeschool co-op. In just a couple of years, we transformed this co-op into a private school that not only welcomes unique abilities, but embraces them.  Now in our 6th year and thriving, we have grown from 19 to 48 students.  Join us as we continue to grow, celebrate, and support our students and their families!

School Calendar 2024-25

Our Philosophy

At Dynamic Opportunities we believe that all students can learn in an environment that is accepting of their differences through experience and immersion.  We teach to strengthen their individual abilities rather than viewing them through the lens of their disability.

Degrees/Certificates Offered

We offer a Diploma or a Certificate of Completion depending on the student’s achievement within our program.


2023-2024: $11,350. Consult Admissions to find out more about Grants and Financial Aid!

Dynamic Dayz

We offer drop-off at 7:30 AM and an extended day program until 5:30 PM for an additional fee.

Transitions Program

In addition to our middle and high school, we offer a life Transitions Program for those students transitioning from high school to adulthood.  See Transitions Program  for more information.


We partner with Arts Together and several other local organizations to offer fantastic programming for our students.