Middle/High School

Intentional Learning

Intentional learning is a process of acquiring, understanding, and using strategies to build one’s strengths and improve one’s ability to attain and apply knowledge in a safe environment. This is what sets Dynamic Opportunities apart from other schools. We teach students to build upon their strengths which gives them the self esteem to learn more and be successful in life. Our curriculum teaches occupational and life skills, as well as, Math, English, Science, Art, Music and Movement, and Social Studies. Through hands-on learning in a project based environment our students work hard and do their best. You will be amazed by our students’ project outcomes.

Degrees Offered

Students may earn either an Occupational Diploma or a Certificate of Completion depending on their individual circumstance.

Student/Teacher Ratio

We make every effort to maintain a 5 to 1 student/teacher ratio.


We do not assign homework. Many of our students need time to decompress after school.

Access to Teachers

Our teachers enjoy speaking with you about your child’s education.  For same-day needs (early pick-ups, late arrivals, etc.), feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher via text message.  Requests for conference and other non-emergent matters should be submitted via email.

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