EXHIBITION DAY: Dynamic Sports!

Last Friday, we closed out our Dynamic Sports! project with a massive Superbowl Party! Students set up the gym, putting out exhibits of all our work over the 5-week project, setting up games, and preparing the buffet table for none other than – yes, our favorite – PIZZA!!! Families also brought Super Bowl-sized snacks to share and man, did we have a feast! We played corn hole, miniature football, “Would You Rather – Sports Edition”, and other games. Here are some shots of the fun, our work, and the food!

We also recognized the hard work of all of our students during our month-long “Encouragement” initiative, with 10 students receiving unique bracelets to celebrate the completion of all 10 stamps on their punch cards.

The unit was a blast: we gained a lot of knowledge about the role of sports in our community, got our bodies moving, and learned that cheering each other on (no matter what the endeavor) is so important. Next up is our reader’s theatre project for February, featuring our very own production of “Dynamic’s Twisted Skits” on March 8th at 6:00pm. See you there!!!