EXHIBITION DAY: Dynamic’s Twisted Skits!

Our Project Exhibition for the Theater Production Project was showcased last Friday night as we presented “Dynamic’s Twisted Skits!” for our families and friends here at the BACC auditorium. The production was a series of 4 creative skits – one by each classroom – that were tweaked, staged, and performed by the students themselves. All of the props were student-created and assembled, as were the costumes. With interludes of jokes, puppetry, poems, rap songs, and a musical selection presented by the DO Music Club, it was quite a star-studded night!

The first Act, by the Blue Room, was “There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly“… featuring a beautiful (and extended) old-lady burp by Dominic W. to close the scene. Kudos to all the Blue Room students who sang their parts so well!

Our first interlude featured Max K.’s absolutely stunning performance of Frank Sinatra’s “I Did it My Way” with his puppet Darnell, Annie K.’s hilarious book of “Dad Jokes”, and a very inspiring poem by Adam H.

The Purple Room’s rendition of “The Brementown Rappers” kept us on our toes, as the Farmer (Kolby D.) “retired” Snoop Donkey (Mitchell H.), who went on to put together a retired farm-animal rap band which ended up winning dozens of awards!

The fun “Brementown Rappers” act was followed by an interlude of an original rap music number written and performed by the C.I.A. rappers (Craig H., Ishanth B., and Andrew Z.)!

Next the Red Room performed a twisted version of “Farmyard Security“… where the farmyard animals had to assist a young girl (Tess K.) who thought the sky was falling, but come to find out what bonked her on the head was simply an apple which fell from a huge tree in the field. Again, Dominic W. thrilled the crowd, this time with his portrayal of the scary wolf. Thank God for the farmer (Ishanth B.), who figured it all out in the end!

DO’s Music Club then showcased their work with a beautiful vocal performance of “Lean On Me“, to which the audience enjoyed clapping and singing along!

Yellow Room’s saga “Snow White and the Seven Dorks” featured Annie K. as Snow White, who tired of the evil queen (Catelyn B.) and set off to find Prince Rupert. She stumbled across the cottage of the Seven “Dorks”, who reluctantly took her in. After an unwise Facebook post searching for Prince Rupert, the evil queen found Snow White and gave her the famous poisoned apple. It turns out that the amazingly talented dork Howard (Drew Z.) was actually Prince Rupert and was able to awaken Snow White with a very “animated” kiss! And they lived happily ever after…

And that’s a wrap, folks! The show closed with a standing ovation from the audience and tons of rave reviews from parents and friends alike. All of the students’ hard work was obvious in this Exhibition, and that’s what it’s all about! Many thanks to all the staff and volunteers who helped make this show possible. Way to go, Dynamic Starz!