LAUNCH DAY: Dynamic Sports!

Wednesday January 3rd brought the launch of our new project: Dynamic Sports! Not just a fun unit, but an educational one too – we’ll be learning about the History, People, Traditions, Science, and Training involved with Bowling, Hockey, Baseball, and Football, culminating in an exihibition-day SuperBowl Party for all our family and friends! All the teacher wore their favorite team jerseys and shared about their successful sports stories from when they were in school: did you know Mr. Tommy has a state championship ring from when he won the State Championship in Wrestling? He also has a HUGE medal from when he trekked across the United States on foot! Students shared what successes they have had in Sports, and we talked a lot about the teamwork involved in many of the sports we’ll be studying this month. Some even shared about their roles on the sidelines, cheering their friends on.

And then… Mr. Wuf from the NC State Wolfpack appeared out of the blue. Hugs, high-fives, photos, and autographs – he did it all! And on top of that, he helped us along as we introduced our next Life Lesson: Encouragement – A Little Goes A Long Way! Students received punch cards to keep track of every time they find an opportunity to encourage another student: sometimes opportunities are obvious, but sometimes it takes paying attention to what others are doing and going through to be a great cheerleader. We felt like Encouragement was a perfect life lesson to go along with our sports theme, and the kids are super excited to get underway!

Here are some photos of the new friend we made on Launch Day…

A few Dynamic Cheers with our school-colored pompoms, and then we were saying “Good-bye” to Mr. Wuf as he sent us off in Carpool. A huge shout-out to the NC State Mascot Group for bringing Mr. Wuf to Dynamic Opportunities… it was definitely an amazing kick-off for our new “Dynamic Sports” unit! Next up: Bowling, which we’ll experience first hand as we head out on a field trip Monday, January 8th. This is sure to be an exciting unit, so stay tuned for more information as we progress through our sports agenda! GO WOLFPACK!!! ūüėČ