WE GOT IT!!! Yep, that’s right: WE FINALLY GOT IT!!!

This past week, Dynamic Opportunities closed the deal on our RIDE TO THE FUTURE!!!  We first thank Mr. Don Pirtle, for believing this wish could be more than just a dream for us and actually kicking off a “GoFundMe” effort to collect the money we’d need for transportation.  Because of his determination to bring this to a reality – and through the supportive donations our friends made to the bus fund (including a very generous donation by the Griffey family) – it’s finally here!!!!  Mr. Dennis Stanley was able to negotiate an unbelievably fantastic deal on a lightly-used and like-new 12-passenger shuttle van from the Hyatt House at Raleigh-Durham Airport.  And the best thing is – every single one of our staff can drive this van without a commercial license!

When Mr. Ed from the Hyatt House delivered our shuttle to the school, the kids just fell in love!  They presented him with a card signed by all the students and climbed in to check things out! Now all we need is a “Dynamic” marketing wrap, and we’ll be good to take this baby on the road! Take a look – we’re sure you’ll fall in love just like we did!