Junie B. Jones Musical

Top Secret Personal Beeswax………If you have heard this song it’s a good sign that you are watching Junie B. Jones, Jr. – The Musical.

On March 24th, we performed our Junie B. Jones Musical for the Dynamic community! The house was full, and we were nervous with excitement to show everyone the results of the hard work we had put in all month. It started out with reading and familiarizing ourselves with our new scripts, auditioning for parts, and working diligently on blocking scenes. In Projects classes, we worked on building some incredible backdrops and making props, some of which included signs, cymbals, lunchboxes and fake food! We made backdrops out of paint, cardboard, paper, and foam board. Some students even constructed frames from wood and screws. Everyone had a part to play in the creation of the stage props. Students made posters, program designs, and flyers.

Of course, Junie B. (Rene Greco) was the star. Gladys Gutzman the Lunch Lady (Max Keene) was famous for her cookies.  Lucielle, Camille, and Chenille bought the same jeans because they were Best Friends. You probably won’t believe this, but we spent just 24 days in production. Many thanks to Ms. Soberanes (our Director) for helping us pull it off!

They say “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words!” Take a look at some of ours below. Aren’t they amazing? After you take a peek, be sure to watch it all unfold in real-time on YouTube!