SPECIAL VISITOR: Muddy the Mudcat!

On Friday, January 12th we closed out our hockey unit and kicked off our … yes, Coach … BASEBALL unit! (Baseball is Coach’s favorite sport – as you can see, he’s an Atlanta Braves fan!). Muddy the Mudcat, the Mascot from the Carolina Mudcats, was there to help us out. He brought signed autograph cards for each of us, and donated a set of 4 box tickets to a Mudcats game – so stay tuned! Students had an awesome time meeting and greeting, dancing, taking photos, etc. Check us out with our cool visitor, Muddy the Mudcat!

Many thanks to the Carolina Mudcats for sharing their Mascot for the day… and for the cool stuff he brought with him! If you’re interested in learning more about this Wendell-based MiLB team and their home location Five-County Stadium, check them out at: https://www.milb.com/carolina-mudcats! What a way to kick-off our Baseball Unit!