In projects this week students learned all about maps, how to navigate with a compass, how to read, label, and create their own map, and finally we all participated in scavenger hunts both in the building and in the neighborhood.

On Monday we explored maps and our neighborhood through google earth and google maps. On Tuesday, students learned about navigational directions, north, south, east, west, and how to navigate with a compass. They used these skills to solve map questions, label different maps, and answer questions about the location of certain areas in relation to others. On Wednesday each student created a map of a zoo that included animal enclosures, concession areas, picnic spots, and even restrooms. On Thursday we did our preliminary scavenger hunt to help prepare us for our neighborhood scavenger hunt on Friday where students went out in the neighborhood with a printed-out map and a list of several things to find and accomplish. Students were put in groups with a teacher assigned to them. Then, we then went around the neighborhood and located our items. To bring it all back together, students had to plot out on their printed map where their group found the items on their list.