Volunteer Spotlight…

Like our new website? Loving this Newsletter? We do too!!! This week we wanted to give a big shout-out to our volunteer web designer, Mrs. Helen Armstrong (Tess’ mom), for all of her hard work over the summer months designing our fabulous new website and newsletter experiences!

Helen has twin daughters: Tess and Vivian. You may have chatted with Tess around school—she loves to talk with moms and adores candy. Helen is also a professor and the Graduate Director of Graphic and Experience Design at N.C. State. She has written 4 books about design. Her most recent book is Big Data, Big Design: Why Designers Should Care about Artificial Intelligence. She is a proud mom of a kid with disabilities and a fierce advocate for designing inclusive, intelligent, interfaces and experiences. Helen and her husband, Sean, like to travel and have introduced their girls to many countries. Tess loves hotel breakfast buffets, in particular, and can compare their quality across the world.

Thank you, Helen, for all you’ve done for Dynamic Opportunities!!!