KINDNESS COUNTS!!! (Lessons in Life)

This month we pushed out our first of several Lessons in Life initiatives: Kindness Counts! To kick off the effort, our kids made “Kindness ornaments” to decorate a holiday “Kindness Tree” we displayed near the office. You wouldn’t believe what things the kids came up with in terms of ways they could show kindness to each other. Then, each student was given a punch card with 10 numbers. Teachers would punch out one number on the student’s card for each kind act they witnessed the student perform. Our kids took this initiative VERY seriously!!! We soon realized we have a very kind bunch of kids here at Dynamic, as the completed punch cards started rolling in! We had several students who turned in 5 completed punch cards – yes, that’s 50 kindness acts completed by each student in less than a month!!! The teachers got together and decided to give out a prize for each completed card – and believe it or not, every student received at least one prize! We are so proud of our students and their continued willingness to show kindness to each other. This initiative was well-timed, as we’ve had two students join the Dynamic Family over the last month: Natalie R. and Blake M. The kids welcomed Natalie and Blake in super Dynamic fashion, and they both have had a wonderful first few weeks. Don’t ever forget, Kindness Counts!

Please encourage your students to continue displaying this character trait as they move forward. Stay tuned for our next Lesson in Life: Encouragement Goes A Long Way!