Our Student of the Month for November was Adam H.

We’ve selected Adam this month because we’ve recently realized how much he has grown over the time he’s been with Dynamic. Most recently (since joining the Yellow Room a couple of weeks ago) Adam has come out of his shell socially and multiple teachers report that his academic performance has increased significantly. Adam was a part of the Senior Citizens group for our Holiday for Heroes project this month and performed beyond any of our expectations. Watching him sing at the old folks home was so amazing – he projected his voice, and during the Grinch song when most students didn’t know all the words, Adam held his own and kept up with Mr. Tommy because Adam knew every word. And at Rainbow Dance this past week, there was a mistake where Miss Katie fell out of her chair. Adam ran over and was practically yelling, “What happened? What happened?!”, while other people in the room were either stunned and just staring or even laughing.

Adam is definitely not the same student we started with in 2015. One of our last remaining “original” students, we are super proud of how much he has grown during his time with us. We just can’t believe he’ll be graduating this year. Way to go, Adam!!! Keep up the hard work!